Greek firefighters in uphill battle to save famed natural park

 Greek firefighters on Monday battled a raging blaze that threatened Dadia National Park, known for its black vultures, as the country scorched in a devastating heatwave.   The Mediterranean country is reeling from a heat wave that started on Saturday and is expected to last 10 days. Temperatures are expected to rise to 42 degrees Celsius (107 degrees Fahrenheit) in some areas and the country is facing three major wildfires.   Human-caused climate change is amplifying extreme weather events - including heat waves, droughts and floods seen in many parts of the planet, scientists say recent weeks - and said these phenomena will become more frequent and more intense.   On Monday, 320 firefighters, two water bombers and four helicopters were deployed to contain the  Dadia Park fire, which broke out on Thursday.   Several villages in the area have been evacuated. The fire destroyed nearly 500 hectares (1,220 acres) of forest land.   Dadia is one of the most important protected areas in Euro